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Transformers for Sale

Contact: Reply to me or send me a DM on Twitter (@metrodoxy) or send an e-mail to mizzencast(at)gmail(dot)com.

PEASE NOTE - figures are complete with accessories unless otherwise stated. HOWEVER I am not 100% sure about the instructions for the figures.

Classics etc.
- Deluxe Darkmount - Zerokaiser
- Deluxe Megatron (tank)
- Deluxe Terradive - Nick
- Deluxe Thunderwing - Nick
- Deluxe Wreck-Gar - Stu

- Activators Grimlock
- Activators Optimus Prime
- Deluxe Blazin' Lockdown (hand fixed)
- Deluxe Swindle Speedfreak
- Voyager Atomic Lugnut
- Voyager Bulkhead

- Deluxe NYCC Pink First Edition Arcee - John

- Revoltech Rodimus. Has all accessories (alt. hands, guns, head)
- Robot Masters Starscream