mettledoxy: (Default)
Becca ([personal profile] mettledoxy) wrote2012-12-27 12:31 pm

Christmas Haul 2012

All toys and action figures, and Weyoun the Furby. Oh yes, Weyoun. I went there.

LEGO blindbags from several series. :3

Lots and lots of Minimates!

Avengers voodoo dolls! And cars with Thor/Loki decals...?

The Normandy SR-2 (Mass Effect), a Ferengi Marauder and a Cardassian warship with insertable Garak and Dukat. The ornaments behind can be plugged into Christmas tree lights. :D

Yep. The Defiant CD player.

DVDs! Dad and I also got Citizen Kane and The Haunting (1963) as our shared present.

CDs! James Darren (Vic Fontaine from DS9), Pink and The Who. Pretty much sums up my musical tastes.

Booooooks. And my first ever Marvel trade. :D

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